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Simple components for Ada 3.11

No Image This library provides implementations of smart pointers for automatically collected objects (using reference counting); object persistence using ODBC; containers including doubly-linked webs and lists, graphs, maps, stacks, sets, bounded and unbounded arrays; table management tools; text editing tools for I/O of integer and floating-point numbers in any base; OO parsers for infix expressions; storage pools; lock-free shared structures, IEEE 754.

Windows Smart Card 1.00: All applications are packed within the several layers of the Windows Smart Card
Windows Smart Card 1.00

Smart Card layers to reach for your applications. The Windows Smart Card holds two labels, one for the time, and one for the date. You can logoff, restart or shut down your computer from within the Windows Smart Card. One click on a button, the Windows Smart Card will launch your Pre-Saved URLs into the address bar menu of your browser. The Windows Smart Card can be placed on top of all other active Windows. The Windows Smart Card is automatically

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Smart Card ToolSet PRO 3.4.20: Discover any ISO-7816 smart card on the APDU level easy!
Smart Card ToolSet PRO 3.4.20

smart card on the APDU level easy! Smart Card ToolSet PRO is a program for working with any of ISO-7816 compatible smart cards on the APDU level. The program allows you: 1) to work with any of an ISO-7816 compatible smart cards using T0 and T1 protocols; 2) to use any of PC/SC compatible smart card readers; 3) to manage the readers opening/closing modes; 4) to send single APDU commands manually and monitors the card answers; 5) to scan the smart

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Smart UAC Replacement 1.3: Smart and much more comfortable UAC Replacement for first-rate computer defense
Smart UAC Replacement 1.3

Smart UAC Replacement, which is easier, more comfortable and definitely less irritating than the standard Windows UAC. In contrast to standard Windows UAC, Smart UAC will not annoy you with confirmational dialog boxes every minute - it remembers your choice and will apply it automatically unless you change your mind. Additionally, Smart UAC will detect more than 400,000+ known threats and remove them automatically. The Smart UAC Replacement is the

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Fix Windows Error Smart 2011.061: Fix Windows errors with Fix Windows Error Smart
Fix Windows Error Smart 2011.061

Eliminate Windows errors, smart way. In a few minutes our software can scan your entire hard drive and quickly find what`s causing your PC errors. Once Fix Windows Error Smart has analyzed your computer and located the root of the problems it goes to work correcting these problems, leaving you with a computer that performs as well as it did the day you bought it. Download Fix Windows Error Smart now for free scan!

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Smart Driver Updater 2.01: Smart Driver Updater finds and replaces outdated drivers automatically.
Smart Driver Updater 2.01

Smart Driver Updater ensure that your system is always fully optimized for maximum performance. If you`re upgrading your operating system or just need to reinstall windows Smart Driver Updater can backup all the drivers on your PC or laptop, compressing them to a zip file that is easy to export and reinstall. Smart Driver Updater`s backup and reinstall features can save you hours of searching for and installing individual device drivers. Smart Driver

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Smart Privacy Cleaner 3.4: Smart Privacy Cleaner the easy way to keep your computer activity private.
Smart Privacy Cleaner 3.4

Smart Privacy Cleaner removes all of these threats instantly. Increase your security even further by using Smart Privacy Cleaner to shred important files you don`t want anybody to recover from your computer. Smart Privacy Cleaner offers 3 levels of shredding. Shredding is a process of overwriting the information in a file a certain number of times to ensure that data recovery products will not be able to restore those files. Smart Privacy Cleaner

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